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After fourteen years of tending shop here at street level, and eight before that dealing privately from a parlor-floor apartment around the corner, I’m now about to move up in the world — to much larger quarters (five thousand, sun-drenched square feet) on the 5th floor of 232 East 59th Street, the so-called Fine Arts Building. There I’ll be joining up with my colleague and friend Pierre Durand, who, with the late connoisseur Khalil Rizk, established the universally celebrated Chinese Porcelain Company in 1984. Come May, you’ll find me at the new location.  Until the end of April, however, rest assured I’ll be conducting business here on Lexington Avenue as usual.

The thought of packing up for the eleven-block voyage south has inspired my latest — and last — window display, anchored with a vintage Hermès suitcase.  I’ve filled it with my usual mix of unusual objects:  a 1920s Venini glass bowl, a contemporary painting of a Mercedes-Benz engine by Justen Ladda, a Vietnamese mother-of-pearl-encrusted tray, an Early American swift, an 18th-century trompe l’oeil drawing, a Victorian “switchblade” fan, a 19th-century French drawing of a lady’s shoe, and a harpoon-like Swedish folk-art carving. Should something catch your eye, do come in to take a look.  And to say, I hope, not goodbye but au revoir.